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سيد الاستغفار

Varies with device for Android

The description of سيد الاستغفار

Application master for forgiveness
 Numerous praise applications in routine ways, but the master for forgiveness applied differently.
☪ - application has Astgfarat store equipped programmer to use.
All the pressure on Alastgfarat and praises the application starts after calculating Astgfaratk and Zbehatk and presented in detail after asking for forgiveness, praise, prayer of the prophet. Morning and evening and displayed in the stats page for forgiveness addition imparted the spirit of promoting the application through the addition of stages of 1-100.

 ☪ - we must start the day with prayers for forgiveness and remembrance of God. The application contains an algorithm calculates the number praises you in every entry in every stages, so as to encourage the remembrance of Allah.
The application contains:
1 - Different Astgfarat.
2 - Various chanting.
3 -asalah the Prophet
4 - Duas Mostagabp.
5 - Morning and evening with an alarm in time to read the daily Roses.
6 - a treasure paradise.
7 - notification system helps you recall for forgiveness at different times during the day.
8 - Statistics for forgiveness.
9. Benefits for forgiveness.
10 - the names of Allah.
11. forgiveness Nabi Yunis.
All this in one application there is no need to load multiple applications.

Benefits for forgiveness: -
★ peace of mind, tranquility and inner peace of the same.
★ physical strength and safety of diseases.
★ Grass Paradise and sings the heart and fills his need.
★ rain heavy drinking and Atomic broad and livelihood muslim.
★ erase bad deeds and replaced Bal_husnat.
★ acceptance of supplication and response and pay scourge.
★ expels the devil and the satisfaction Rahman.
★ removes the worry and sadness and bring rugs and pleasure. It brings livelihood and inherited the love of God to the slave. It revives the heart and removes the alienation between a person and God.
★ reason to descend tranquility, and of going to compassion, Hfov angels.
★ which occupied the post for backbiting, gossiping, obscenity say.
★ believes the anguish the Day of Resurrection. Acer's worship and the least onerous, it modifies freeing slaves, and arranges it from the penalty money to arrange other.
★ - "I ask forgiveness of your Lord, that he was Gfara .. send rain upon you in abundance .. and Amddkm money, Benin and makes you gardens and bestow on you rivers."
☪ - everyday life and the pressures of life have stolen our time to the point where we forget the remembrance of Allah. Do not forget to mention God with this application.

★ ★ download the application now and share it with your friends to get nothing Twaban ★ ★
And indicative of good as actors.
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What's New:

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✔ تغيير الرمز

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Category: Education App

Developer: Special Light

Current Version: Varies with device

Requires Android: 3.0 and up

Size: Varies with device

Package name: com.splightsoft.estghfar

سيد الاستغفار Version History

سيد الاستغفار 4.5.22 APK Download

Version: 4.5.22 () 3.0 and up

Updated: 2017-08-08


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