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Varies with device for Android

The description of GPS経路ロガー

The GPS route logger, using the GPS built into the smartphone, is an application for recording the movement route.
By pressing the "record start", and then start recording the route.
The recorded data, or displayed in GoogleMap, or you can upload to Rutorabo.

Using the acceleration sensor of the smartphone, when the body is in a quiescent state, once to stop the GPS of the acquisition, we try to as much as possible reduce the consumption of the battery.

· In order to use a GPS, battery consumption is intense. We recommend the use of while powered by an external battery or the like.
- Since there is an error in the various types of information to get in GPS, please be avoided information is on the premise that accurate.
· There is a current location and the ability to publish the recorded route. Pay close attention to the use, so that it will not be published even if there is a disadvantage of the program, please refrain from it to be used in the home or office.

[About in-app billing]
This app, not a separate paid version, we have the release of the limit in charging in the app.
The application has not been charged, there are the following limitations.
- Route data storage time up to a maximum of six hours

[Function of this app]
And stored in the built-in memory of the movement route (GPX format)
- Latitude, longitude, and display various types of information such as travel speed and time (※ 1)
Of · GPS satellite constellation display
Graph display the moving speed and altitude
- Displayed on the GoogleMap the moving path in real time
View - the saved data in GoogleMap
Upload the saved data to Rutorabo
· Kokoiko Now! Published in the position that there are currently yourself
(Kokoiko in the Now! - Rutorabo, private zone setting is also possible)
• When using an acceleration sensor is Sumaho not moving, saving the battery to stop the GPS

※ 1 can be displayed information
Text Display:
Date, time, latitude, longitude, altitude, GPS supplementary time (GPS time), average speed, maximum speed,
Moving direction, moving distance, total distance traveled, sunrise time (approximately), day entry time (approximately), recording time,
Battery status (during charging and discharging), the battery level, battery temperature
Graphic display:
Placement of the GPS satellite
Moving speed, altitude graph of

How do I upload the route to Q. Rutorabo?
A. Select the "Data List" from the menu, then tap the data to be uploaded. Then, will be displayed route on the map, press the menu button on the screen, please select "upload to Rutorabo".

Q. to have purchased the release of the limit, which is prior to purchase After re-install the app.
A. When making a purchase at a time, so you will not be charged even if the purchase again, please purchase again.

Q. Despite the stop, speed does not become 0Km / h.
A. Depending on the model of the smartphone, you may remain error of more constant speed of GPS of error it came out, but it is resolved to wait for a while.

What's New:

Ver 1.5.0

現在位置の配信を 今ココなう! から、ココイコなう! に変更



Category: Tools App

Developer: hirakky

Current Version: Varies with device

Requires Android: 2.3 and up

Size: Varies with device

Package name: hirakky.gps.logger

GPS経路ロガー Version History

GPS経路ロガー APK Download

Version: (-1) 2.3 and up

Updated: 2016-09-06

Signature: d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e

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